Traffic jams cost Jakarta $3b annually

Traffic jams in Jakarta cost the city at least Rp 28.1 trillion (US$3 billion) each year, the Transportation Ministry says.
“The greatest area of loss, amounting to Rp 10.7 trillion per year, is related to fuels,” Transportation Ministry Inpector General Iskandar Abubakar said Thursday during a discussion on mass transportation systems in Jakarta, as reported by

The notorious traffic congestion also inflicts losses of at least Rp 9.7 trillion in lost productivity, while losses related to health reached Rp 5.8 trillion and public transportation owners suffered Rp 1.9 trillion in losses.

As of last December there were more than 11 million vehicles in Jakarta , comprising 9 million motorbikes, 3 million cars, and 63,000 public transportation vehicles.

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