Survey: Smartphone-Loving Indonesians Boost Internet Usage

Internet use in Indonesia this year surpassed both radio and newspaper, ranking second only to TV, according to a recent survey sanctioned by global Internet giant Yahoo.

Yahoo announced the results of their Net Index study at its Jakarta office on Tuesday.

The trend is largely driven by the increasing availability of low-cost smartphones with affordable voice and data packages. Cellphones were becoming many people’s primary tool for accessing the Internet, Yahoo said.

According to the survey, social networking was the most popular online activity for Indonesian users, at 89 percent, followed by visits to Web portals, with 72 percent, and news Web sites, with 61 percent.

While the figures were influenced by 15 to 24-year-olds, who were interested in accessing entertainment like games and music downloads, the survey found middle-aged users actually went online more frequently than young people.

The results revealed a shift in social networking activities and online transactions, said Suresh Subramanian, who is deputy managing director of TNS Indonesia, the global market information and insight group that conducted the study.

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