Supreme court increases Gayus` jail term to 12 years

The Supreme Court turned down Gayus Tambunan`s appeal of the ruling on his bribery case linked to PT Surya Alam Tunggal (SAT) tax complaints and increased his jail sentence to 12 years.

"His sentence is increased to 12 years with a fine of Rp500 million or six months more in jail," appellate court judge Krisna Harahap said here on Wednesday when asked for his confirmation on the decision.

The sentence is two years longer than the earlier sentence made by the Higher Court.

The former tax official`s appeals trial was carried out by supreme court judges Artijo Alkotsar, Krisna Harahap and Syamsul Chaniago.

The first Gayus Tambunan case handled by the Supreme Court was linked to tax complaints filed by PT Surya Alam Tunggal.

Tambunan`s charges include giving or promising rewards to civil servants or state apparatus namely the chief of the Tangerang District Court Muchtadi Asnun (US$30,000) and other judges (US$10,000 each).

Other recipients include police members Arafat Enanie and Sri Sumartini respectively receiving US$2,500 and US$3,500 and his lawyer, Haposan Hutagalung Rp800 million and US$45,000.

Krisna said in the review of the case opinions emerged that tax is the biggest income source for the budget so that its collection must be intensified and extended.

"On the other hand any disruption in its collection will directly hinder development efforts that will in the end hurt the people." he said.

Any crime in tax restitution, he said, needs to be monitored closely as it will affect state income.

"He has no remorse and has even continued committing other crimes while his case is still being processed," he said.

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