SBY wants to be a futurologist when he retires

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) says that he wants to be a futurologist when he retires.
“I am considering becoming a part-time futurologist because I have spent much time trying to plan and strategize by estimating what will happen next week, next year and over the next decade,” Yudhoyono said at a International Conference on Futurology on Wednesday.
As reported by Antara news agency, Yudhoyono said that he might contact futurologists and establish a futurologist club when he retired.
According to Yudhoyono, futurologists’ researches are very important to Indonesia, which is developing as a decentralized democracy.
“We are waiting to hear your various perspectives, so that I can understand a strategic way to achieve our national goals,” Yudhoyono told the conference.

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