Principal of Umar bin Khatab boarding school arrested

INDONESIA arrested the principal of an Islamic boarding school suspected of being a bomb factory on Friday following an explosion inside the campus earlier in the week, police said.

'The West Nusa Tenggara police have arrested the principal of Umar bin Khatab boarding school, Abrori,' National police spokesman Ketut Untung Yoga Ana said.

Mr Ana said the police arrested Abrori while he was at his parents' house.

'Abrori is suspected to be involved in the explosion at the school and also the slashing of a police officer in Bolo. He is being transferred from Bima to Mataram police headquarters for investigation,' he said.

On Wednesday, police and soldiers surrounded the school in Bima town in West Nusa Tenggara province, two days after a bomb blast there had killed a suspected terrorist.

Students and teachers armed with knives and swords prevented police from investigating the blast, leading to a standoff that ended peacefully when the armed individuals mysteriously disappeared. After entering the school, police found nine Molotov cocktails spread over several locations, a number of sharp weapons, books on Jihad, arrows and several tools to assemble bombs.

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