Police open fire in Pesantren siege, wounding three

Indonesian police wounded three people at an Islamic school on Sumbawa island Wednesday when they opened fire to disperse students who had prevented them from investigating a deadly explosion there, a spokesman said.
The blast at the Umar bin Khattab boarding school Monday killed the institution’s treasurer but the students and staff armed with sticks and machetes had refused to let police investigate the scene.
‘We have tried to use a persuasive approach but the school still wouldn’t allow us to enter,’ national police spokesman Untung Yoga Ana said.
‘I wish we didn’t have to use force,’ he said.
The spokesman said additional personnel were being sent to reinforce the local anti-riot police surrounding the school.
The Jakarta Globe newspaper said the school housed 45 students, as well as teachers and a number of supporters.
Local media reported that the man killed in Monday’s blast was a militant who learned to make bombs in the southern Philippines, home to Muslim separatist rebels.
Police last month arrested an 18-year-old student of the school for allegedly killing a police officer.
Investigators said the student was believed to be a member of a militant Islamic group.

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