NasDem Party is funded by Surya Paloh of MetroTV

The NasDem party has admitted that media mogul Surya Paloh, who is also the chairman of a civil organization called National Democratic, is funding the party.
"All funds are still from Surya Paloh and friends," NasDem party member, Sugeng Suparwoto, said on Sunday.
However, he added, Surya was not a board member of the party because Surya preferred to manage the civil organization.
"Surya has not left the civil organization. He is still giving the same attention to it," he said as reported by
The party has previously denied that the party was born out of the National Democratic organization, although both their names bear striking similarity. Members of the organization have reportedly joined the party as well.

Surya was a candidate in the Golkar party chairman race in 2009 but lost to conglomerate Aburizal Bakrie.

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