Indonesian Train E-Tickets

Finally! Indonesians trains have e-tickets.

In a long overdue but still unexpected move, railway operator Kereta Api Indonesia has introduced online booking and e-ticketing on its website.

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This is another sign of KAI management’s greater focus in recent times on customer service, comfort and convenience. As well as increasing the maximum advance booking period from 40 days to 90 earlier this year, KAI has stopped selling standing room tickets and banned smoking on all trains and station platforms.

As recently as a few years ago, customers could only buy tickets a maximum of 7 days in advance, and only from the station where the train departed from. Customers had to fill in a form to buy tickets, payment was cash-only, tickets were paper tickets, and this inefficient system resulted in long queues. Now, passengers can book tickets for any train on the website, pay by ATM/credit card and receive the tickets by email as a pdf/Acrobat Reader file.

However, foreign visitors to Indonesia wanting to book train tickets will still have a problem: the KAI website does not accept foreign credit cards.

Fortunately, Mau Ke Mana can assist people in this situation.

If you are interested in booking a train ticket, please fill in an enquiry form here.

Indonesian Train E-tickets and Online Booking

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