Indonesia finds new gas, oil, and coal reserves in Sumatra

New gas, oil, and coal reserves were discovered in Indonesia's island of Sumatra, which could have significant impact in the region's development, officials said Monday.

The reserves were found in the the village of Muaro Sekalo in the district of Tebo, which is located in Sumatra's Jambi Province, district chief Majdi Muaz told Antara news agency, noting that the small village is lying on large quantities of these reserves.
Majdi said expert teams were to begin investigations in order to determine the exact amount of gas, oil, and coal reserves found in the area. However, the district chief underlined the importance for officials to find credible and trusted investors and development teams to tap the natural resources.
The Mauro Sekalo village has an economy primarily based on agriculture, but the discovery of these reserves could heavily impact the region's economic growth and social development in the upcoming future.

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