Graft convict Misbakhun rumored to be wandering outside prison

A report was circulated Wednesday on Twitter that notorious graft convict Muhammad Misbakhun, who is supposed to be in police detention, was seen hanging out in a Jakarta shopping mall.

An account under the name of @antonirizal77 tweeted at about 3 p.m. on Wednesday, “Misbakhun wandered around at 14:35, when he should be in the detention center of the [police’s] criminal investigation unit. He’s at Riceball PlazIND.”

@antonirizal77 was referring to the Rice Bowl restaurant at Plaza Indonesia shopping mall in Central Jakarta. He attached a photo on the tweet, depicting a person whom he said was Misbakhun chatting with a woman.
The tweet soon received many responses.

@antonirizal77 later confirmed that Misbakhun was no longer being held at the National Police’s criminal investigation unit but had been moved to the police detention center in Salemba, Central Jakarta.

Misbakhun, a former lawmaker for the Prosperous Justice Party, was convicted for using a fictitious mortgage letter to obtain credit from the ill-fated Bank Century and was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment.

He is now waiting for the Supreme Court’s ruling on his appeal.

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