GP Ansor wants Umar bin Khattab boarding school to be closed

The youth wing of Muslim organization Nahdlatul Ulama, GP Ansor, said that Umar bin Khattab Islamic boarding school in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, should be closed for its alleged connection to a terror plot.
“Otherwise, it could lead to the stigmatization of other Islamic boarding schools as a perpetrator of violence,” GP Ansor chairman Nusron Wahid said on Sunday, as quoted by
The boarding school is located in Sanolo village, Bolo district, where a bomb killed school treasurer Suryanto, aka Firdaus, earlier this week.
The police said they also discovered documents on jihad at the school.
The police faced resistance from the school’s board members and other students when attempting to enter the school’s grounds to investigate. They were only allowed in after a series of negotiations.
Principal Abrory and some of his students are wanted in the wake of the police’s finding of homemade bombs, arrows and sharp weapons at the school.
When the police entered the school, they found that the principal and some students had already fled.
The police have named eight people as suspects in the case.

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