Anger Over Arrests of iPad Sellers

The Indonesian Police on Saturday came under sharp public criticism following the recent arrests of two students accused of selling iPads on an online forum without providing Indonesian manuals for the gadgets.

Both Dian Yudha Negara and Randy Lester Samu, students at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), were detained at Central Jakarta's Salemba Penitentiary, after police accused them of violating existing regulations for selling used iPads on Kaskus, an online forum, without providing Indonesian manuals.
Source: Tempointeractive
Blogger Enda Nasution pointed out the police had over-reacted.
"They [Dian and Randy] are just commoners. Not smugglers selling off hundreds of billions worth of [illegal] goods," Enda said.

Separately Indonesian movie director Joko Anwar voiced out his disapproval on the microblogging social Web site, Twitter. Under the key name #FreeDianRandy, which is slowly gaining popularity on the site, Joko tweeted: "New gadgets come out everyday, while the [existing] regulation was last updated 12 years ago. How can they get arrested for not providing manuals for iPads sold on Kaskus?"

Both Dian and Randy bought iPads when they vacationed in Singapore late last year, only to decide upon returning to Indonesia that they would rather sell these pricey gadgets off on Kaskus.

They ended up being contacted by a potential client and ended up meeting the man at City Walk Mall in Central Jakarta. The deal was a cash-on-delivery transaction, and involved two 64 gigabyte iPads and six 16 gigabyte iPads. The potential client happened to be none other than a police officer, who arrested them for selling off iPads without Indonesian manuals.

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